Participate in the School's Out Hackathon. SoHacks will be taking place at Rackspace HQ. Tons of hacking, swag, and memories!

The School’s Out Hackathon is a 24 hour coding event for high school students from across the nation. With over 700 participants, expert mentors, and in-depth workshops design to help people code, it promises to ensure that everyone can have a fun experience getting introduced to programming with their peers.

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  • Entering 9th graders and Exiting 12th graders
  • Teams of 4 or less
  • Team participating remotely will be eligible for all prizes except grand prizes


As long as its built at the hackathon and is technological, you're good to go (hopefully uses code)!

How to enter

Just build something in 24 hours that is technological! If you are working remotely, be sure to specify that when you submit!


SoHacks Judging Panel

SoHacks Judging Panel

Judging Criteria

  • Problem-Solving (25%)
    How well does the hack solve a real problem? Does it fulfill a real need people have?
  • Creative (25%)
    Is the hack just another generic social/mobile/local app? Does it do something entirely new, or at least take a unique approach to an old problem?
  • Well-Designed (25%)
    How sexy does your hack look? Is the UI polished? How smooth is your hack?
  • Technical (25%)
    Is the hack technically interesting? Are you dressing up an API or were there real technical challenges?